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Re-connection to the whole of you. Creating a fulfilled and contented life.

A 6 module programme:

R. Reconnection with yourself.

Discovering how wonderful a total connection to yourself is and in a way that you will not have experienced before

E. Extraction and expectations. looking at  you attachments, targeting      unwanted habits

and exploring how to let these go. And defining an installing new positive habits.

L. Language labeling and letting go Evolving your external and inner dialogue so that your mind monkeys become you greatest cheerleaders 

L.  Leniency and levity. Letting go of self imposed  and perceived restrictions and Creating self love and self  nurture from within. Becoming playful and lightening up

A. Assuredness Turn apprehensions in to a state of assuredness, knowing that everything is ok.

X. X marks the spot. Understanding that everything you need is right here, right now, and RIGHT FOR YOU

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