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Painting by
Red Pollard

Charlotte Red Pollard

Recently I was diagnosed with Functional Myoclonus. It's a neurological condition caused by severe trauma.

I was having up to 300 pseudo seizures a day.  I would shake and be thrown about really violently, sometimes injuring myself.  These episodes lasted from anywhere between 10 minutes to 3 hours. I met Lou from The Singing Zookeeper

After two sessions I could walk short distances (without a wheelchair) and feed myself. In 4 sessions I have gone from bedbound to being able to get up for several hours each day, most days. Sometimes I am out of bed 4-6 hours. I mostly sit and paint.

 My condition is for life, but with Lou's help I have managed to learn to control my jerking. There are times when it comes back, but my coping strategies are so much better.

My stress levels have dropped through the floor and my insomnia has stopped too.

It's amazing how disabled your brain and trauma can make you, but more amazing that Lou can reach deep inside, help you to recover your own self esteem. She acts as a catalyst for you to reexamine yourself.

I don't just recommend her I say that Lou is so gentle and intuitive she helps to dramatically change your life.


Terri 41 accountant

I have met myself in a new way. 

Paula single mum

Today I have found the inner strength and courage to deal with something BIG that I have been in denial with/ignoring for quite some time which is a massive step on my personal journey towards healing. The universe certainly gifted me by placing you on my path and for that I am truly blessed and grateful

 thank you Lou

Hanna 48 Dog behavioral specialist

 I has Struggled with SAD ( seasonal effective disorder) for as long as i can remember . rendering me incapable of achieving anything apart from surviving during the autumn and winter months. After one session with Lou , my SAD has totally gone, and in a period where i would normally be incapable of doing anything of any significance i have gone out and bought a house! Feeling elated, relaxed, happy and able to use the relaxation techniques.

Ann 62 Five Elements Acupuncture Practitioner, Healer and Author

 “Brilliant! Louise teaches a safe, quick and fantastic method of digging out the bits of us that love to hide”   Thank you Lou

Jeanette 26 Trainee teacher

 I feel I addressed issues I have suppressed for years and have learnt how to start working with them to make them less significant.

Alexa 58 comedienne and DJ.

Lou’s  ability to deliver the material in an easily relatable way was very welcome and I found myself looking at my insecurities and ‘icky’ bits and even being able to laugh at them.

Many thanks to the singing zookeeper for teaching me new methods of thought, meditation, delving deep and release.

Ness, 50  Hospitality  manager

 I feel uplifted and elated and I have a sense of calm.

Jules, 53 potter.

Some self delving, but for people who are looking to improve their lives, this is a fun way to do it.

 Chris 59 retired railway supervisor, PTSD sufferer

“I am leaving here in a better frame of mind than when I started !”

Becky 48 social worker

“Lou’s command of a room full of strangers somehow worked magic”


You have changed my brain and my life thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!️️️️

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