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Working with Lou Henwood was one of the best decisions I have made and the best money I have ever spent. 

Alix personelle manager London

This has been the easiest self help/ therapy I've done out of 28yrs of therapy!! It's remarkable and l didn't have to regurgitate all my trauma Christine , Artist Scotland

I had crippling stress and anxiety, was constantly spiralling, completely stuck and didn't know how to pull myself out of it. I didn't know what to do and I had lost who I was. You helped me see things from a different perspective and coached me to be kind to myself and my thoughts.

I especially value the meditations which are calming and healing and I can draw on them when I need to; giving myself permission to do things 'unlike me' - which is really freeing and fun; looking at where I'm spending my energy and then thinking about where I should be using or conserving my energy. 

 I'm slowly returning to who I truly am and am so much more cheerful.

Roz data analyst London

Five stars *****

 I had problems with anxiety, depression and trauma. Once I started working with her, I could see the changes immediately. She is amazing! I have looked at many things over the years to help with my problems. I have been in therapy, but I haven't felt myself getting better until I met Lou.

Soma Shepherd events organiser (Scotland)

The session you had me was genuinely nothing short of life changing for me, I felt so much of my childhood trauma was able to be bookended from just one session. There was a reconnection between my childhood self and my adult self that reduced so much stress and gave me the ability to really sit calmly with things that crop up now and the past doesn’t have the intense power it had over me anymore. (Jan, USA) an excerpt from an email sent two years after treatment

5 stars *****

I used to wake up feeling anxious and nervous. During the day drained, lacking energy and being depressed in the evenings. The sessions with Lou have been transformational! In just a short space of time the engaging techniques and exercises I’ve learnt are now an essential part of life. I feel like a better version of myself. Knowing myself and liking what I find! Now waking up feeling more relaxed and confident every morning for the day ahead! In touch with myself and surroundings(Yes really!). Confidently working towards my goals. Joyfully changing negative situations at work, home and social life into positives ones and feeling content at the end of the day. Tell yourself it is possible! Trust the process, trust Lou, she’s got your back! You won’t regret it! 🥰 A Dennis Hertfordshire, UK

Please, give this program a try. Your body, heart, mind and soul will love it.  Finally, feeling alive, feeling in control (even though everything is out of control). I am content. This is just one aspect of it. There is connection with our primal body, our soul, strengthening our neuron pathways and much more. 

Simmi  Accountant ( UK)

Life is joyful again. Each day starts with curiosity and a feeling of peace that was sorely lacking before we met. Being able to heal without reliving past events has been wonderful. Life is coming in to focus more and more. I highly recommend working with Lou if you are ready to heal and find yourself. Thank you so much Lou, it's been fantastic.
Jen New york USA
Thanks Lou, you are wonderful! I came to you because I was frustrated and at a very low point in my life. I had very dark thoughts and didnt know what to do with myself. Right from our first session I could feel your experience in your authentic and honest communication. You brought so much light and value into my life and I feel more grounded and secure. I wished more people would have the chance work with such a great therapist like you! I am very grateful for you and your work Lou! 
Luka Germany


Five stars *****

Every time I speak with Lou I feel uplifted and empowered. She speaks with genuine care and in a relatable way that makes her guidance and advice immediately applicable to your life. Her Programme is transformative and engaging. Speaking with her is fun and an incredible gift; it has strengthened every aspect of my life.

Lindsey Castellano Musicican (USA)

 I felt very insecure, when negative thoughts came up. Since working with Lou, I’ve been questioning my negative thoughts, Instead of immediately become a victim to them and let them overpower me. I’ve realised that my relationships with other people have definitely improved as I feel more secure in myself without seeking validation, I've been able to have better communication with others as I’m more In tune with myself. If I could sum up how I feel in 3 words they would be: calm, refreshed, stable Thank you,~ Georgia ( student) UK

"I am so lucky to have found Lou via TikTok. She is generous with her time and is passionate about what she does. I am just finishing her Loving Yourself course and have found valuable tools to gently cope with traumatic memories and minimise intrusive negative thoughts. I am so grateful for this course and feel less controlled or feared by my past." K. Childminder (USA)


Five stars *****

As someone who struggles with indecision, low self-belief and feeling like an inner connection to myself is fragile and gets lost, Lou is so amazing and grounding, her insights just make so much sense. I took her course Loving Living and that was such a useful and effective way to turn inwards and identify patterns that have been running my default moods and behaviours and the stories I tell myself. The course helped me to undo a lot of negative self-talk and judgement which has been SO freeing and beneficial, and it's just a really lovely way of making friends with yourself, calming your mind and 're-setting' yourself back to your inner wisdom. The community she is building is full of such amazing and inspiring people too!

Stephanie Jennifer Gray  Actor  UK


Recently I was diagnosed with Functional Myoclonus. It's a neurological condition caused by severe trauma.

I was having up to 300 pseudo seizures a day.  

After two sessions I could walk short distances (without a wheelchair) and feed myself. In 4 sessions I have gone from bed bound to being able to get up for several hours each day, most days. Sometimes I am out of bed 4-6 hours. I mostly sit and paint.

 My condition is for life, but with Lou's help I have managed to learn to control my jerking. 

My stress levels have dropped through the floor and my insomnia has stopped too.

It's amazing how disabled your brain and trauma can make you, but more amazing that Lou can reach deep inside, help you to recover your own self esteem. She acts as a catalyst for you to reexamine yourself.

I don't just recommend her I say that Lou is so gentle and intuitive she helps to dramatically change your life.

Charlotte Red Pollard   Artist (UK)


I have never connected with my body before, I have never thought about it in this way"," some of the words I have said during my first therapy with  Lou. The way I was thought or saw things being done was mostly in a very negative way. Imagine my surprise when I have learned there are other possible ways of acting, thinking, listening, controlling and educating yourself in such a manner that you don't go inside "the rabbit hole" again. Where I come from depression, anxiety and such are not taken seriously unless you got schizophrenia. It takes practice to discipline your mind but with the right guidance, anything It's possible. Lou is the best, in the 1 h session with her I have learnt so much and I have gained a lot. Thank you so much, I love you, and guys please give it a go! I promise you that she is the real.

 Iona Translator ( Japan)

Lou is so easy to talk to.  she has an empathy that only fellow suffers have.  She is so positive and intuitive.  It wasn't a  question of just talking it was the coping strategies that were the real benefit.  i have been using them for 6 weeks now and can honestly say Lou has helped me tremendously.  Simple short little ways to get your positive side working.  Thank you xxxxx

Penny retired healthcare worker ( UK)

Live workshop reviews ...

Terri 41 accountant

I have met myself in a new way. 

Paula single mum

Today I have found the inner strength and courage to deal with something BIG that I have been in denial with/ignoring for quite some time which is a massive step on my personal journey towards healing. The universe certainly gifted me by placing you on my path and for that I am truly blessed and grateful

 thank you Lou

Hanna 48 Dog behavioral specialist

 I has Struggled with SAD ( seasonal effective disorder) for as long as i can remember . rendering me incapable of achieving anything apart from surviving during the autumn and winter months. After one session with Lou , my SAD has totally gone, and in a period where i would normally be incapable of doing anything of any significance i have gone out and bought a house! Feeling elated, relaxed, happy and able to use the relaxation techniques.

Ann 62 Five Elements Acupuncture Practitioner, Healer and Author

 “Brilliant! Louise teaches a safe, quick and fantastic method of digging out the bits of us that love to hide”   Thank you Lou

Jeanette 26 Trainee teacher

 I feel I addressed issues I have suppressed for years and have learnt how to start working with them to make them less significant.

Alexa 58 comedienne and DJ.

Lou’s  ability to deliver the material in an easily relatable way was very welcome and I found myself looking at my insecurities and ‘icky’ bits and even being able to laugh at them.

Many thanks to the singing zookeeper for teaching me new methods of thought, meditation, delving deep and release.

Ell Single mum ( UK)

 I just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve taught me thus far, it’s been an old rollercoaster recently and your tools have really help me to ground and centre. The opportunity you have given me is not wasted, I am so grateful.

Ness, 50  Hospitality  manager

 I feel uplifted and elated and I have a sense of calm.

Jules, 53 potter.

Some self delving, but for people who are looking to improve their lives, this is a fun way to do it.

 Chris 59 retired railway supervisor, PTSD sufferer

“I am leaving here in a better frame of mind than when I started !”

Becky 48 social worker

“Lou’s command of a room full of strangers somehow worked magic”


You have changed my brain and my life thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!️️️️

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