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Tame your inner critic

Learn how your conditioning cages you.

Four day Retreat
And how to gently and playfully let it go.

Your conditioning blocks your connection to your spirit, to who you truly are.


During this retreat you  will be looking at how the your subconscious beliefs, negative thought patterns and conditioning, block your capacity to creating the life that you would truly love. These bits of us that we perceive as yucky are actually misguided naïve  programmes that we implemented as children to protect ourselves, and like all  programmes they need to be updated.

This is done lightly and gently through play and meditation.

The inner critic really needs to lighten up and not take itself so seriously.

Next dates
27th th to 30th January 2022
The training in this retreat is a combination of  NLP techniques, spiritual teachings, Dreamporting (deep clearing through breathwork meditation) and Insanely gifted games. That are designed to show you where you are hanging onto old patterns that no longer work for you. The more you allow yourself to jump into this safe pond of discovery the more you will let go.
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Why is it that you don’t go for what you want, or allow yourself to have the very best life?

This question is one of the biggest blocks for people who have so much to offer but, somewhere along the line, got shut down or lost their permission to step up and claim who they really are.

This 4-day retreat will totally transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

You will gain a full understanding of the inner critic and look at it with fondness. (Yes honestly!) You will no longer be controlled by your self criticism and judgement.

You will easily reconnect to your magical, and spiritual side  and rediscover who you truly are.

You  will learn that through your thoughts you unknowingly create your own suffering and unhappiness.

How the subconscious beliefs, negative thoughts and conditioning block your capacity to create the life that you would truly love,

You will learn how to shift your thinking and constraints by just one degree and open up a whole new world for yourself.

Beware: Taming the mind monkeys might lead to inner peace.

Woodlands Winter retreat

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You will be staying in the wonderful Woodlands

a fabulous mansion house with incredible views over Cawsand Bay and Kingsand Village.

The area is surrounded by magnificent walks, full of wildlife, like wild ponies and deer and is is steeped in history, going back to the Saxon times.

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Upon Arrival

Welcome cream tea
And a chance to settle in
Any special dietary requirements please let us know
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Orientation workshop

Orientation and introduction and right here we start the  gentle process of letting go.

Each day starts with breakfast

Something different every day
Please tell us about any special dietary requirements, so that we can look after you  properly
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 SATURDAY: Morning workshop until lunch time

This is your first step into shedding your sh*t, and seeing the world through fresh eyes. Experiencing first hand how to viewing the world through innocence and intuition is so freeing and beautiful.

Combination of teaching, games, meditation and feed back with Q and A

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Lunch and free time to explore,or chill.
Cook your own lunch or there are many great places to eat within easy walking distance.
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 Optional extra
Sea foraging is a guided tour and cooking demo of what is available to eat in the wild this is an added cost of £25, and is taking place a couple of strides from the bottom of the garden
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Sea foraging

Evening: Qi, gong and evening workshop

Deep clearing meditation, consolidation of the day and Q and A 
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Sunday morning workshop and Qi Gong

The courage to be real. Cuer is the old French word for Heart, This workshop we are going to be learning how to live from the heart. Combination of teaching, games, recoding meditation, feed back and Q and A

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Lunch and free time to explore,or chill.
Cook your own lunch or there are many great places to eat within easy walking distance.

Explore Rame head , walk from the Saxon chapel see the wild ponies to Penlee point to the Victorian chapel build on the cliff

Saxon chapel at Rame head left and centre. Looking out from inside the Victorian chapel right
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A little further afield 15 minute drive to Edgcome House. Visit the manicured gardens of the orangery and grab a bite to eat, walk along the shore to the folly in deer park and see drakes island
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Edgecombe House and gardens
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the folly.jpg
Orangery gardens
The folly overlooking Drakes Island
Evening workshop:
Connecting with the the elements.
Setting the intention.  Letting go.

Feedback and Q and A
Quantum leap meditation and activation.
This the most
powerful part of the weekend.
leaving the unwanted behind forever.
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Final day:

Recoding, consolidation, revisiting and games.
Spot the 
difference and over to you.
Feed back and Q and A
 Farwell shares.
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