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Mind Managment And Taming Your Inner Critic

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During our childhood, we have taken on many beliefs and habits that served us well as children to allow us to get what we needed or to avoid what we didn't want.

However, these beliefs and behaviors become ingrained in us and continue to influence who we feel about ourselves and who we think we are when we get to adulthood.

Some of these beliefs influence us in a negative way and really restrict how joyful our life really is.

Often these beliefs exert a restricing influence on our ability to create a life of abundance and prosperity, whatever that may mean to you.

It may mean better relationships, more joy, improved heath, more energy and vitality,more income - the list is endless and the choices are yours to make.

You will realign your focus on life and will learn to awaken the powerful light of your heart.

This is the place to put down your self-restrictive thinking, open your heart to joy and discover who you truly are underneath all of the noise that goes on inside your head and the constrictions of your emotional world.

You will discover your own 'Emotional Default setting - how do you always end up feeling when life throws a curveball your way?

The retreat is a combination of:

  • Experiential tutorials,. playful workshops and group activities.

  • Silent and guided meditations.

  • Self Massage and Acupressure points

You will rediscover and reconnect to the intuitive aspect of your inner being, and your expanded joyful and abundant self and no longer be ruled by thoughts, beliefs and emotions that get in your way!

Four day retreat
Showing you how to Release yourself 
from the restictions you carry

My Co host Ann Redfearn is a five elements acupuncturinst and author of 'Rivers of Light' and 'Heart Light'


Upon Arrival on day one:


A chance to settle in  and A Delicious Dinner

Orientation workshop

Time for exploring your own sense of Abundance and what you would like to attract into your life

Relaxation and peaceful evening meditation. This is where you start the gentle process of letting go and entering the space where your Abundance can begin to emerge.



Day 2




Morning Workshop with Lou


This is your first step into shedding your sh*t, and seeing the world through fresh eyes.              

Experiencing first-hand how viewing the world through innocence and intuition is so freeing and beautiful.

Combination of teaching, games, meditation and feedback with Q and A

The afternoon

is your time when you are free to explore this wonderful Jurassic coast. There are plenty of places to eat in and nearby Charmouth and Lyme Regis, and much to discover in this beautiful area. Go fossil hunting on Charmouth beach, or walk along the Cobb in Lyme Regis. For the more adventurous, catch the Jurrassic bus from outside the hotel and set off to explore a wider area.


Evening Workshop with Annie

Q and A Time

Getting Back to Your Body – Relax and Restore at the end of your full day. A combination of self- massage, breathing exercises, acupressure points and an overall deep appreciation of your body. This will be followed by a relaxing meditation to help you into a blissful sleep.


Day 3


Morning Workshop with Annie

The courage to be real. Coeur is the old French word for Heart.

In this workshop we are going to be learning how to live from the heart.

Inside our heart lives a beautiful light of love, courage and truth.

We will explore how to awaken this through discussion, exercises, and meditation. Learn to accept and fall in love with yourself as a deep and transformational healing gift.

Powerful Abundance and Manifestation Meditation where you begin to attract your Abundance into your own clear space

Q and A Time

The afternoon

Free time for you to use as you please – exploring, relaxing, finding somewhere for a snack. Lots to do and see within walking distance.

Take a dip in the heated pool.

Visit the Dinosaur Museum in Lyme Regis, walk along the coastal path where the views are breath-taking. Take a trip to nearby Bridport for some shopping


Evening Workshop with Lou

Connecting with the elements.
Setting the intention. Letting go.
Feedback and Q and A
Quantum leap meditation and activation.
This the most powerful part of the weekend.
leaving the unwanted behind forever.


Final Day

Recoding, consolidation, revisiting, and games.

Spot the difference and over to you.

Talk to us about further support.

Feedback and Q and A

Farwell shares.

Taking home a new you and lots of gorgeous memories and new friends.


May 1st to 4th

June 5th to 8th

July 17 to29th

September 18th to 22nd

£125 Deposit secures your place
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