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"Honestly Lou thanks this stuff is sooooo good and just works like spreading butter on toast."
'Working with Lou Henwood was one of the best decisions I have made."

Lou Henwood, Mindfulness therapist and coach

 NLP Master practitioner. higher coding practitioner, QHHT, Dreamporting master and  Healer. 

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Here is a short video of Lou working with a client who has had anxiety, fear, imposter syndrome and is struggling with procrastination while she is working on her PHD. And the client's feed back 2 days later.


Introducing Lou Henwood:

Empowering Transformation and Healing

My name is Lou also known as The Singing Zookeeper.

 Now, before you get any wild ideas, let me clarify: I'm not an actual zookeeper.

Instead, I specialize in taming a different kind of menagerie—the one inside our heads!

A bit of a back story…

I used work as a recruitment consultant and left everything in the UK sold up and moved to the other side of the world.This where I set up the first interactive living museum In the Philippines.

 I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t not know the culture, yet I still went ahead and built the
museum from scratch.

I presented to Officials in local government and also to the Economic Ministers of the Asia Pacific economic conference. 
I lived alone in the jungle while I was doing this and had some profound experiences and wake up calls.
I realised that the world was not as I had thought it was, it was not really the way I saw it.

 I saw the world through the lenses of my limitations and they were not real. I  recognised that most of us see the world as I did. 

So on returning to the UK I felt called to share my knowledge so decided to retrain, so I was qualified to get the bit of paper to teach people what already knew.

This is I did at the age of 56 .
I started my business.‘The Singing Zookeeper’. at the age of 58.
I took the whole thing on line at the age of 60.

There isn’t anything we can’t achieve if we ‘really’ want to achieve it.

If I can, we all can!

Regardless of age, gender ,qualifications and barriers.

 I teach people how to get out of their own way, to let go of their  limiting beliefs and negative self-image.

I am a perpetual student I never feel as If I understand enough, so am always searching and learning and leaninginto the new, and sometimes scary, but I also know I have a wealth of wisdom to

All of the bits of paper I mentioned

Certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulnes therapist and coach,  CBT specialist for anxiety and depression,Trauma release specialist, and energy worker. Dreamporting Master practitioner, one of Jamie Catto's 'Insanely gifted' Shadow work  teachers

"Her impact resonates deeply as she witnesses clients effortlessly release burdens that have plagued them for years, empowering them to cultivate self-love and positively transform their lives.


"Beyond her transformative work, Lou has garnered a dedicated following on TikTok, where her wisdom captivates an ever-growing community.

Embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery with Lou Henwood and experience the transformative power of self-love." Ben

"You are very special Lou. Not only skilled and experience, but you frame and structure the spaces you create and hold with such passion, love and care. You are not afraid to dive deep and very capable of holding for wherever that takes us." Sue

"To hear about your journey a