Lou Henwood


The number one transformational Mentor, Healer and Hypnotherapist,

Teaching those of you who are held down and held back by your inner critic.
Helping people to release anxiety and overthinking, feelings of unworthiness, not fitting in,  or not being good enough,.
"Honestly Lou thanks this stuff is sooooo good and just works like spreading butter on toast."
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'Working with Lou Henwood was one of the best decisions I have made."

Lou Henwood, Mindfulness therapist and coach

 NLP Master practitioner. higher coding practitioner, Healer. 

Here is a short video of Lou working with a client who has had anxiety, fear, imposter syndrome and is struggling with procrastination while she is working on her PHD. And the client's feed back 2 days later.

About Lou Henwood

Lou, also know as the Singing Zookeeper. In person has helped hundreds of people release themselves of past trauma. And on social media she

Lou Struggled with chronic depression and anxiety from a very young age.

After many years of seeing counsellors, psychiatrists and therapists, and though these methods taught her how the depression and anxiety came about through childhood trauma, nothing actually changed the horrendous way she felt. So she sought out as many different and alternative methods and therapies as she could find.

Her breakthrough came when she studied NLP. Realising that with easy and just slight shifts, that her depression lifted with ease and the childhood trauma no longer influenced her everyday life.


Lou’s has put together the gentlest and easiest methods out of all of the modalities she has studied to bring you the quickest, and easiest transformation.

Lou’s work does not involve picking apart and regurgitating past traumas or digging around in painful memories, as most therapies do. She believes that doing so just reinforces the neurological connection you have to your past pain. Instead, she teaches you how to release yourself from it.


Her work is playful and light and very powerful. Yet it gets you to the results that you want in the fastest way possible.

She works holistically believing that mind body and spirit are not separate from each other.

And using many different tools including, breathwork, recoding, and gentle guided meditation, initiating your healing from within.


Lou Henwood, NLP Master practitioner, Somatic therapy, CBT anxiety and depression therapy

Happy Brain Practitioner, trauma specialist, energy worker and healer.Dreamporting guild memeber.


“ I feel so honoured and humbled when I see a client of mine easily let go of something that has been dictating their life in a negative way for years. Yet we only spend 30 minutes working with releasing it and it has gone, never to return. My mission is to teach as mony people as possible how to love themsleves and change their lives for the better.”. Lou Henwood