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Lou Henwood


The number one transformational Mentor, Healer and Hypnotherapist. 

Facilitating the release of anxiety and overthinking, feelings of unworthiness, not fitting in, or not being good enough, and teaching you how to tame your inner critic.
You  will experience instant results.
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"Honestly Lou thanks this stuff is sooooo good and just works like spreading butter on toast."
'Working with Lou Henwood was one of the best decisions I have made."

Lou Henwood, Mindfulness therapist and coach

 NLP Master practitioner. higher coding practitioner, QHHT, Dreamporting master and  Healer. 

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Here is a short video of Lou working with a client who has had anxiety, fear, imposter syndrome and is struggling with procrastination while she is working on her PHD. And the client's feed back 2 days later.

About Lou Henwood

 At a young age Lou suffered intense childhood traumas.

She discovered her own techniques and ways of coping with her pain, many of which she now teaches to other people. As a child, she thought that she was somehow ’bad’, and that her ways of coping were something to be ashamed of and ‘wrong’. Because of this, she felt as though she had to hide parts of herself away and could never really fit in or belong.

 She was taken to see a psychiatrist at the age of twelve, having suffered from depression since she was about six years old.

It was at the age of fourteen when she had a clear realisation about the nature of reality, but being educated in a strict Catholic Convent, she was convinced that she would go to ‘Hell’ for her beliefs and her ways.


The depression continued to blight her adult years and she sought many different avenues to help her to cope, hoping that something would finally ‘release’ her. She had counselling, alternative medicine, years of therapy, she read many self-help books and explored different religions. Nothing was of lasting help, as the depression would continue to seep back in.

 She decided to move to the Philippines, and her time there proved to be very valuable, as it was in this place, far from home, living alone in the jungle, that she experienced some deep revelations.

On returning to the UK, she had a clear vision. She wanted to find a way to help people, and dived into training to become a Mindfulness Therapist and Coach.

She went on to study NLP, qualifying as an NLP Master and Hypnotherapist. This training she found to be transformational, helping her on a deep level. She has a thirst for learning and discovery, making her a perpetual student as she is always looking out for ways to help her clients.


As she has progressed in her training, she has understood that some of the techniques and realisations she has as a child were absolutely spot on!

Her studies have taken her into, Breathwork, Alchemy and the realms of the quantum field. She studied for a year with Daniel Raphael CEO of Dreamporting who taught her incredibly gentle and powerful techniques to recode and realign.

What Lou offers you is a wonderful combination of the modalities she has learnt through experience and study. She has put together the gentlest method possible to release you from the invisible blocks of trauma, self-doubt, lack of self-worth, and lack of confidence.


And the Best Part  - It is Permanent.

Lou Henwood, NLP Master practitioner, hypnotherapy, Somatic therapy,

CBT for anxiety and depression

Happy Brain Practitioner, trauma specialist, energy worker and healer.

Dreamporting guild member.


I feel so honoured and humbled when I see a client of mine easily let go of something that has been dictating their life in a negative way for years. Yet we only spend 30 minutes working on releasing it and it has gone, never to return. My mission is to teach as many people as possible how to love themselves and change their lives for the better.”. Lou Henwood


 Lou has a massive fan base on TikTok too.