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for people living with the consequences of childhood trauma and abandonment
Helping people to release feelings of unworthiness, not fitting in, not being good enough, anxiety and overthinking.
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Lou Henwood, Mindfulness therapist and coach

 NLP Master practitioner. NLP higher coding practitioner 

Here is a short video of Lou working with a client who has had anxiety, fear, imposter syndrome and is struggling with procrastination while she is working on her PHD. And the clients feed back 2 days later.


About Lou:

Lou had suffered from depression since early childhood and has tried many types of antidepressants, counselling and therapy in her desire to alleviate this condition. She eventually discovered NLP and her depression and anxiety were gone.

It totally changed her life and she has never looked back. So she decided to pass on her experience and knowledge.

Lou was lucky enough to study at the feet of the co-creator of NLP Dr Richard Bandler and became an NLP Master practitioner

"Working with Dr Richard Bandler and his team was TOTALLY TRANSFORMATIVE for me! I saw miracles happen in front of my eyes and in the space of 20 minutes an emotional block I had tried to overcome for years, the fear of being sent back due to myadopotion,just left me, never to be an issue again." Lou

Lou works under the banner of The Singing Zookeeper.

"We have a myriad of mind monkeys and other critters that whisper negative stuff in our ears"

Lou offers private one 2 one sessions which are quick and effective. dealing with anxiety depression, lack of confidence phobias and other negative blocks.

She runs courses on how to "Change your thinking and this will Change your feeling" weekly community meetings through her membership group and One-day community workshops.  these workshops are huge amounts of fun and will transform the way you think about your anxiety and depression and have a good laugh along the way.

"Crazy isn't crazy until you put a label on it, until then it is just good fun." Dr Richard Bandler Co creator of NLP

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Lou Henwood

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Name: Lara

Diagnosis: Anxiety

I have been struggling with severe anxiety since the age of 11. I have been through a countless amount of therapists and psychologists and I can say with a hand on my heart that Lou is by far the best person I've ever seen. I had gotten more out of 1 session with Lou than I had gotten in the past 6 years....... 

"I am so lucky to have found Lou via TikTok. She is generous with her time and is passionate about what she does. I am just finishing her Loving Yourself course and have found valuable tools to gently cope with traumatic memories and minimize intrusive negative thoughts. I am so grateful for this course and feel less controlled or feared by my past." K   (child minder )USA