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Charities supported by The Singing Zookeeper, a percentage of all income goes to:


Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre

This charity is very dear to my heart. They rescue animals from the kill pounds in the Philippines. You really do not want to know what happens to animals that end up in kill pounds. They work tirelessly and it gives me great pleasure to support them. They never put animal down unless it is absolutely necessary. The go above an beyond even supplying jobs to local artisans who create wheelchairs for the dogs who need them. Thanks to them, there are rescued animals  all over the world that have gone through the rescue centre.  AARRC helped me rescue my dearest companions who lived with me in the jungle. The three kittens and two dogs who gave me great companionship and hours of entertainment. ( See the images of my Sancho the first time he saw his reflection, Panzy found dying on the street and her 6 months later. The Kittens, Worm, Ming and Teabag, who all lived with me in the jungle. And also one of the centers wheelchair users.)
Who ia a handsom boy then
Sancho a street dog from the next island
panzy on deaths door.jpg
panzy 6 months later.jpg
Left to die in the street
she was so weak she couldn't lift her head. And 6 months later  here is Panzy fit healthy and happy.
where do i sit.jpg
The kittens Worm Teabag and Ming as usual sitting in the best spot, all of them no bigger then a  tennis ball when found.
One of the many disabled dogs who are now wheelchair assisted, having a run on the beach
 I lived used to  in an area where there was no mains water. I was lucky enough to be close to a well with a hand pump, this well provided the people in the vicinity with clean spring water. If this well had not been there we would have had to take water directly from the river which  is contaminated by the villages and agriculture further upstream. It is only when you have not got it do you understand how difficult it is to live without fresh clean water. Each summer the well would dry up due to the heavy demand from the neighbouring island  providing water to thousands of tourists who demanded showers, with no idea they were depriving the mainland population of fresh drinking water. Even so we were still very blessed in comparison to some areas of the world, where obtaining fresh clean water is the daily ordeal, having to drink contaminated water that will probably make them ill because there is no other option. As a consequence of living where I did, I am still very conscious even now in the UK how much water I use and how I use it. I was lucky enough many years ago to go and join 600 other people in London, to sing for water raising money for WaterAid and i urge you to support them to. It is every creatures right to have access to fresh and safe drinking water.
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