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Courses and tutorials

Choose from a number of different tutorials and course designed to help you create the life you really want and not be held back by the block about yourself that you currently have

  • Abandoning anxiety altogether

  • Stopping Self sabotage

  • Six Short steps to feeling good

  • The first steps to healing

  • Loving living

  • The people pleasing problem

  • Creating confidence consciously.

      Tame your inner critic and manifest the life you truly want.

Live workshops 
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To be announced
Pay by Donation 

Why is it that you don’t go for what you want, or allow yourself to have the very best life?

This question is one of the biggest blocks for people who have so much to offer but, somewhere along the line, got shut down or lost their permission to step up and claim who they really are.

This 4-day retreat will totally transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

You will gain a full understanding of the inner critic and look at it with fondness. (Yes honestly!) You will no longer be controlled by your self criticism and judgement.

You will easily reconnect to your magical, and spiritual side  and rediscover who you truly are.

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