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£33.33 per month
cancelation at any time

You have started your wakening 

The best way to receive new learning and insight is live and in person.

Where you own personal needs are met each week.

Where you learn how to master your emotions and no longer allow your subconscious

to be the driver of your life. 

Learn how to create a life that you love.

In the membership group

You will receive warm comforting support,  as you learn how to embody the depth of self awareness that dissolves the barriers between you and your higher self, as you rapidly awaken. 

Where you learn how to be the true composer of your reality,

People from around the world meet each week with the same goal, to support each other in their awakening

What happens in the Mastery Membership?

We come together each week for 90 minutes this includes


These are varied and cover everything from:

  • The every day 3d world issues

  • Dealing with difficult people including family

  • Ending of Stress,

  • Overwork, and over Busyness.

  • Freedom from Suffering. Understanding that life is a mirror

  • Dissolve Negative blocks, negative behaviours, habits  and thinking.

  • Realization of oneself as Creator and Manifestor

  • Practical play, bringing the hidden programs up to the light.

Q an A covering all topics:

  • Dealing with family triggers and dynamics

  • Difficult people

  • Making the shift 

  • Letting go of the old

  • Taming the inner critic

  • All types of situations that create uncomfortableness and trigger


  • Powerful and long lasting clearing and recoding meditations:

  • This included a yummy cocktail of NLP, ancient spiritual codes, Dreamporting techniques, breathwork and QHHT ( quantum healing hypnosis therapy) with a tiny umbrella and a sparkler.

Sharing and support :

  • We support each other as we  grow and let go of blocks, negative behaviours, habits  and thinking. you will be invited to join the WhatsApp group where we share recourses and inspirations.

Bonus Guest teachers

  • Bringing their own flavour of magic to our lovely family

I Look forward to coming to the Zouolou sessions.
It's one place I can be totally myself and I always take away something new.
Roxanne (USA)


I feel so changed after our session last week.

Thank you.

Hanna (UK)

All of this for only
£33.33 per month
I’ve felt very calm since that meditation I don’t know what happened 
I'm handling everything so well as I’m just loving myself first before I say do or react to anything.
Alix (UK)
"This is not about healing. When we focus on what’s “wrong” we forget that this life is a school and the identity we are trying to fix is an illusion that only exists in our minds. By transcending the mind’s limitations, we can harness. Divine Consciousness to instantly let go of scarcity, doubt, and old stories and free ourselves back to an awakened reality of limitless awareness and love." 
Daniel Rafael Dreamporting Founder
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