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Live programs, courses and tutorials 

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Step into your power!

Be the person 'you' have always wanted  to be.

Do you want to ...

  • Regain control of your own life and reclaim who you truly are

  • Be able to ask for anything from anybody

  • Learn how not to be frightened of a NO and how to use it as a stepping stone instead of a block

  • How to cut through the crap that lands on you instead of being overwhelmed by it.

  • How to achieve what you set out to achieve without fear holding you back

  • How to move forward with unwavering confidence

  • How to stay clear in your direction regardless of what is happening around you


The live 12 week programme starts November 15th 

  • 12 module course all done in bite sized pieces each video is about 15 minutes long and there are 4 of these each module.                                          

  • With each module there is a powerful release and activation meditation.                                       

  •  Come together ‘live’ once a week to unpack unpick to share learning, insights questions and  recive mini laser sessions.                                                    

  • 4 one to one private sessions                                                                                          

  • These are recorded so if you miss one you will be able to catch up.           

  • Plus the bonus of one years bi - weekly membership to the Zoolou tribe worth £400

Online courses and Tutorials

Click on the link below to see various options.

  • Short tutorials to help you with           Procrastination  - People pleasing - Anxiety                 

  • Short and full length courses. to teach you how to,     Love living -                                                                                 Steps to healing -                                                                         Steps to feeling good-                                                  Consiously Creating Confidence.                                             

Each of the tutorials and provide y ou with numerous deep healing meditations that you can down load and

use whenever you want to.

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